Hello, I travel Eastern Europe to find the hottest models and film them sucking and fucking me. These girls are amazing and I try to stay as out of the way as possile. Just watch the hottest girls you've ever seen do what they do best.
Enjoy, Steve
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19 Years Old. Prague. A friend of my has been asking me to shoot Sara for a while and it's been hard to set up a time. She hasn't done this type of thing before and it shows in the photos and video. Still, it came out well and it's nice to have a novice from time to time. She arrived and one thing my friend had failed to tell me is that Sara doesn't speak a word of English. I've dealt with this a few times but when the girl doesn't have experience doing these things it makes it a lot more tough. I've gotten pretty good at Charades. There was a lot of pointing and signaling going on. She didn't even know the phrase "blow job." I actually had to make the motion to tell her it was time. So she got that but the girl needs to look at the camera from once in a while during a BJ and not stare at it. This is hard to explain. Most girls have a feel for it but, like I said, Sara had no prior experience. When it came time for the cum shot I signaled that I was going to do it in her mouth and on her chin. I also let her know not to spit it out if she could handle swallowing it. She did it but when it when the jizz came she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it all out. Don't get me wrong, that's great, but when it's for video you need to be able to see the jizz. You can still see it some and can tell it's not fake on the video but for the pictures there was nothing left to show. She was fun and it's always cool to get a girl at the begging of her porn life but I know it's only a matter of time before she shows up being DP'd in some video.
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