Hello, I travel Eastern Europe to find the hottest models and film them sucking and fucking me. These girls are amazing and I try to stay as out of the way as possile. Just watch the hottest girls you've ever seen do what they do best.
Enjoy, Steve
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About Zabrina Aamir
21 years old. Prague. This was a great find. Zabrina is a fashion model who does a lot of nude work. I met her in an agents office as I was talking to the agent about other girls. She never does anything with guys* but I got a good vibe from her. Once she left I told the agent to ask her if she'd consider doing HC with me. The agent asked and she agreed to do it. I was very happy about that. She did an amazing job and really knows how to fuck. Man, just amazing. Funny, the next day I saw her on the metro with her boyfriend. I was introduced to him. He obviously had no idea what she had done the day before. *Actually, a while back she did a couple boy/girl things with her ex but they have been broken for quite some time. The Dream Stash video is the only other boy/girl she has done.
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